My partner and I welcomed our own April 14th--Xavier B.W. Demarin

My partner and I welcomed our own April 14th--Xavier B.W. Demarin


Born and raised in the country, I ventured off after graduation to be a nanny in Calgary, but realized quickly, the prairies were home. I poked around working in day care and certified as a Childcare Assistant, as well as participating in a Bullying and Aggression workshop and completing a Science of Early Child Development course. Still in search of my niche, I began nannying for two families and continued providing care over the next five years to each of their three small children.

In those five years, I received certification as a Healthcare Aide, but passion was still not found. I first heard of a “doula” from a friend, and after some research, I enrolled in Birth Root's doula course, and completed a breastfeeding course. I was accepted in to the Self Employment program through the YMCA/YMCW, and completed the course in September 2013 and Baby & Before was born. 

So far, I have welcomed a number of new families in to my broadening clientele, and hope to continue building kinship throughout Winnipeg and the surrounding area!

I became a mother myself in April 2015, and it has ignited a new fire to provide the care that mothers, babies, and their families need in such a vulnerable time. I am expanding on my education and hope to be adding Breastfeeding Counselling to my services in the near future!

Providing Compassionate, Respectful & Unbiased Care to Families of All Dynamics.

It is my goal in providing care to any family that they feel comfortable being themselves in their home. Anything that is said or done will be kept confidential. I encourage open dialect at all times so that I know I am meeting your family's needs.. I am open-minded and accepting of all the different dynamics in a family.I can promise no judgement from myself and I can educate and/or refer to other professionals when necessary.