Nurturing the bond between baby and family while supporting the fourth trimester, everything involving baby care, baby-calming techniques, light housekeeping & laundry, organization of baby's belongings, breastfeeding/bottle support, assistance with sibling care, nutritious meals/snack preparation, emotional/intuitive support for the whole family. Medical care is not provided within this service.

Support can also be offered in baby wearing, cloth diapering and methods for raising baby holistically.

These services can be applied to ALL birth outcomes. If your family has or is experiencing the loss of baby, you still deserve physical/emotional/spiritual support in your postnatal period. Please contact me to see if this option is right for your family.

Didn’t see a service listed that might be needed? Ask me— This list is never inclusive and always client-specific.


Price ranges from $25-30/hr dependent on the services requested by the family.

Shifts are booked with a minimum of 4 hours and maximum of 8 hours. Anything beyond 8 hours will be charged an added charge.

Email me for Gift Certificates or Gift Packages—Makes a wonderful gift for expecting parents!